Saturday, August 4, 2012

6/25-  Education for Change

My career choice was honored today, and I agree completely, that the way to accomplish large scale social change is through educational avenues.  On page 60 of the Chile guide, the author recommends that “the key to improvements lies in education” (Insight Guides, 2009).  It is also wise that the author interprets their multiple political views as acknowledging that while various methods can work, it can be slow and depends on great investments- that which the Chilean government seems to be willing to make.  Understanding that education is not only to help humanity survive now- but that it will be even more important for future generations- is indeed salient. 

I was also stunned that in 2002-  a census revealed that over 70% of Chileans were Roman Catholics (p. 69)!  I guess it shouldn’t surprise me- South Korea is over 50% Christian and many other nations that were inundated with Christian missionaries now have established religious followings and systems in place.  Divorce was not legalized in Chile until 2004- a sign that conservative traditions are hard to change in this closely knit society.  I enjoy that the family unit is so strong in Chile, yet am skeptical about what that really means when the paradox is that men are often known to have multiple mistresses on the side. 

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