Sunday, August 5, 2012

7/19-  Asado BBQ with Michelle and Diego!

We attended a traditional Chilean BBQ at Michelle and Diego’s apartment on their rooftop- it was a blast and I truly enjoyed the experience as we ate traditional meat, the sausage, kind of small and spicy, then chicken then steak, all with a lot of red wine of course;-) We also enjoyed avocado dip with various chips and a Chilean salad of tomatoes and onions and a sauce of basil, onions and salt/pepper. One of Diego’s (Michelle’s boyfriend) friends is a professional dancer in Chile and taught us some of the moves and traditional dances- it was too much fun!

To address the theme of this blog, the form of music as an art was displayed tonight.  Along with the fantastic company and wine, traditional Chilean music had the power to enhance our experience and share a part of the creative culture by listening and dancing.  It is a part of this trip that we did not explicitly address in most of our lectures, yet that I appreciate deeply as an essential part of understanding various cultures.  So much emotion, history, and tradition can be discerned from the musical language.

Brilliant! Meet is grilling (Sasha Harrison, 2012)

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