Sunday, August 5, 2012

7/24-  Public Education in Chile
Visit Peñalolen Lecture: Public Education in Chile
Ricardo Batarce

Today we had people from a public school district talk to us about their educational approaches- they were the superintendents, principles etc. They then they took us to the actual schools, K-12 in one public school. We saw a really nice school and it was directly across the street from a private school that was competing for students.  The students that we met sang us two songs- our group went to see the high school side of the school and the other group went to the younger students.  When we asked to see their library, they took us to see it and the library was a one room small section of the school that had few books and a bunch of tables.  Despite it being small according to North American standards, they mentioned that it was one of the best and they were very proud of it.  It was very sobering to see how tight the resources were for these students.  Will they grow up able to actively participate in global exchanges with the Net Generation?  Is this one of the side effects of the neo- liberal policies that directed educational development over the past 20 years?  

This was a very touching experience and this video that I took speaks for itself as far as I'm concerned:

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